About Us


To provide comprehensive services for persons affected by substance use disorder through community awareness, quality and holistic clinical services in an efficient, safe and fiscally sound environment.

Program Philosophy

Everest Recovery believes that medication assisted treatment is an effective treatment for individuals who are impacted by substance use disorder. Everest Recovery believes that outpatient counseling is an effective treatment for individuals who have been or are diagnosed with substance use disorders, and for the family members of such persons.


Everest Recovery’s first clinic opened in January of 2022 in Saco, Maine. Everest is dedicated to helping people through their Recovery Journey and will be opening more clinics in the near future.


Core Values

The shared core values of Everest Recovery management, associates, and patients are:

Patient Centered Associate Empowerment

  • Effective Treatment
  • Treatment with respect and dignity
  • Treatment in the least restrictive environment
  • Support
  • Holistic care
  • Compassion
  • Confidentiality


  • Environment that fosters change
  • Equality

Team Commitment

  • Commitment

Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Fiscal Responsibility, Efficiency, Integrity


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