Program Goals

Program Goals

The goals of the Everest Recovery substance abuse treatment program are:

  • To promote a drug-free existence
  • To develop self-awareness in the patient
  • To assist patient in developing alternative behavior to alcohol and other drug abuse and its negative effects
  • To assist in the development of positive relationships with family and significant others
  • To assist patient in their rehabilitation to a productive life style

Program Overview

Everest Recovery is a network of private substance abuse clinics with a focus in addiction. We have been fortunate to be serving this population for many years and during this time have continued to open new locations each year, from the most densely populated to the most rural areas of this country.

It is the philosophy of Everest Recovery, that outpatient methadone maintenance and detoxification are effective treatment methods for individuals who are physiologically dependent on opiates.

We have a responsibility to our patients to provide effective counseling in order to effect positive change and self-awareness.

Everest Recovery offers treatment to persons over the age of 16 years of age and their families and significant others. Those services include a wide range of rehabilitative, supportive and case management services, which are tailored to individual patient needs.

The Everest Recovery Management Team in conjunction with input from the Board of Directors, associates and patients has developed a Strategic Plan. This plan is the “map” for all-programmatic changes, associate issues, and pilot projects throughout the national network.

The Performance Improvement Steering Team, which meets on a regular basis, reviews input from several standing teams throughout the system that address issues such as patient advocacy, safety, personnel, quality, outcome measures and financial vital signs.

The associates at Everest Recovery are dedicated people with the skills and knowledge necessary to help patients define and reach recovery goals. Associates are hired based on patient population needs as well as credentials.

Decisions and problem solving for the Everest Recovery network occurs in team forums. It is the belief of management that every associate is significant to the team and that every idea is a good idea.

Everest Recovery has developed its own “University”. This was developed in response to associate input and training needs. Everest Recovery University has been operational since 1999. Originally they were quarterly universities attended by associates from the states in which we operate, and held in one central location. Everest Recovery Universities became regional universities in 2006 the agenda and syllabus for the University is formulated by the participants and the management team.

In 2006 the “Leadership University” was developed for senior management to begin work on the application of the concepts of “Performance Excellence” as defined by the Malcolm Baldridge criteria. The Leadership University agenda is developed by the President along with the senior management team. Senior

Management represents associates from their various divisions moving ideas and information both up and down the continuum of disciplines.

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